A Letter from the Desk of Lou Engle


Thank you for dreaming
with us for 20 years.

Dear Friends of TheCall

Thank you for all the love and support you have given to me, many of you for the past 20 years.

I'm writing to you to inform you of a monumental and tremendously significant transition taking place in my life, in the life of TheCall, and I believe in the life of the nation. TheCall, I'm convinced, was raised up in an answer to my prayers in 1999 "How can I turn America back to God?" As I've considered the history of TheCall and the storyline that God has been writing through it, I see us moving into another divine chapter for the fulfillment of that original vision.


Earlier this year

On February 12th, while fasting 30 days on the island of Hawaii, I was suddenly apprehended by the scripture where Elijah passed his mantle at the Jordan River to his spiritual son and double-portion inheritor Elisha.

The understanding of my own storyline exploded within me. I realized I was in an Elijah-Elisha moment myself and that for the next stage of breakthrough in America I needed to focus my whole being into double portion sons and daughters. I felt that I could not move forward, unless like Elijah to Elisha and John to Jesus, I myself passed my spiritual mantle on to those who could carry it further than I ever could.



With this moment throbbing in my heart, the Lord encountered me on Easter Morning of this year. I felt strongly that that unless a seed go into the ground and die, it cannot bear fruit, and that TheCall must die to bring forth resurrection power in America.

For the last 20 years, God has used TheCall to gather hundreds of thousands in a John the Baptist type movement to fast and pray in preparation for a 3rd great awakening. I am now convinced that TheCall must come to a glorious end.

I celebrate this moment in my heart as I know what will come forth in the next generation as I pour myself out into sons and daughters for a new Jesus Movement and reformation in America.


the future

Even though the name of TheCall is coming to an end, the call to fasting and prayer will continue. Part of which will be a global call to 40 days of fasting for worldwide harvest next year.

Personally I will be launching Lou Engle Ministries to facilitate the voice and ministry of prayer the Lord has given to me. My own natural sons and daughters will be deeply involved in the administration and assignments going forward in the next stage of my life. I am so excited! As a father in the ministry I will be resourcing and equipping spiritual sons and daughters across the nations.

My dear friends of many years, Paul and Cheryl Amabile, will be continuing to trumpet the prophetic assignments given to myself and to our covenantal community through "The Briefing", to stir up revelation-fueled intercession.

Through this transition, I am releasing my amazing spiritual son and daughter David and Audry Kim to launch a movement called Contend, which I believe will take a double-portion of TheCall's DNA and message of fasting, prayer and nazirite consecration to the next generation and beyond.


the Next generation

For 18 years, I have never looked to build a ministry or a name, only to see America turn back to God and to help ignite missions and prayer in the nations.

This is my legacy: I am looking to the next generation of sons and daughters to carry this nation into its full purposes.

With deep gratefulness and affection,

Lou Engle



My faith leads me on my path. For the last 20 years, God has used TheCall to gather hundreds of thousands in a John the Baptist-type movement to fast and pray in preparation for a 3rd great awakening.

And I'm happy that so many people walk with me, pray with me, and believe with me. I would like to say a special thank you to those who helped me all this time. When it all started, I could not even imagine that faith resonated in the hearts of not only people but entire companies.

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